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App of the Week: Polar Bowler

In Polar Bowler, the team of PB and J head out of hibernation for an all-new arcade-puzzle adventure. Propelled by slingshot, PB sits atop an inner tube, as players catapult him across huge arctic courses. Players steer PB through loops, tight turns, over ice and off giant ramps to knock over enough pins to advance. Mystery crates, which may contain coins or one of 10 different specialty tubes with unique pin-toppling traits, appear throughout levels and can greatly affect a player’s Polar Score and game progress. From a clownish Balloon Tube to the mysterious Unicorn Tube, these boosted tubes also come with a complimentary costume, taking PB out of his customary Hawaiian shirt and J out of his butler tuxedo.

By knocking down pins and clearing game levels, players build their Polar Score and advance to more challenging levels. From the scientific Tesla Tube that zaps pins, to the horseshoe-tossing Cowboy Tube, players must select the appropriate tube for each new challenge. Players can also earn specialty tubes by smashing PB into crates or by purchasing them at PB’s “Bearhouse.” As an added bonus, players receive a Daily Free Crate, which grants coins and a free tube to help tackle the tundra.

PB, the sunglasses-sporting Hawaiian shirt-wearing polar bear, has brought his jovial “Aloha” attitude to fans since his 2004. This is a great game for kids and adults alike, I love this game as it’s so easy to pick up and also put down. The graphics are very clear and the game is great fun. Polar Bowler is available to download now for 69p (UK) on the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App store and the WildTangent Games mobile game service. You can checkout updates and more via Facebook visit or Twitter.

Words by,

Jennifer Sikala

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  1. One of the coolest apps we’ve ever tested

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