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Creative Airwave HD Review

Creative Airwave HD, a speaker system that is totally wireless; depending on an internal battery with an eight-hour lifespan without charging, and Bluetooth connection.

We tested this product and I have to say that we liked it a lot. With the sound set just right – no need for any more base or treble. The only thing you have to work out is how loud to have it. When you think of portable speakers you would assume that this speaker would be good for maybe your bedroom; but the sound that comes out of this device is probably enough to entertain in the back garden. It connects via Bluetooth to any compatible device with a distance of between 10 to 15 meters which makes it a handy gadget to have.

It can also take two mobile devices – so, say your phone goes off and you want to take a call, you can walk away and let your friend have a turn with the music. Or alternatively, if you want to put someone on loudspeaker, you can call the mobile connected to the Creative Airwave, and answer it using the multi-feature button. In the box you get the speaker, a wall charger and a multilingual instruction manual.

Creative are known for having good looking, easy-to-use products that you can literally pick up and use; the Airwave HD is no exception. When I took it out of the box and checked the battery, it already had 50% battery without charging. The ‘On’ button is really easy to find, along with the volume and Bluetooth buttons. Once you have paired your devices first time; you don’t need to do it again every time you want to listen to your favourite tunes.

The importance of having simple and easy speakers is a hugely undervalued concept, and the fact that there is a pile of text in the instruction manuals, but only two lines that are necessary, is a testament to that. It looks pretty, and the non-HD version comes in a variety of colours. At £120, we think is good value looking at what you get.

The Creative Airwave HD is available to purchase from Amazon.

Review by,

Michael Sikala

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