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Cut out those cigs with these

We have all been there, New Year – new resolutions. If you are a smoker, I am assuming you have had almost the same New Year’s resolution for what might seem an eternity – quit smoking. Well this might actually be the last year smokers have to deal with the expensive and deadly habit because we have found a Swedish based company that have the perfect product to kick smoking into touch.

With over 25% of the global adult population smoking, it is clear to see that smoking is one of the biggest causes of death world-wide. Nicoccino – is the first pure nicotine, odourless product that delivers the hit that smokers desire when craving a cigarette. Made from natural ingredients and produced to pharmaceutical standards in the US, the discrete film is the perfect remedy if you are after the same hit as a normal cigarette but without the bad stuff to accompany.

We got a few to try out with our resident smokers in the office and it was an instant hit. Whether you are about to board a flight, on a train or about to go into a meeting, there is no need to stop and light up any more. Basically you buy a pack with ten films in it; each film is individually sealed, place the film located in the pouch under your lip (as the video below shows). Recent research has seen people getting relief for up to three hours which for a 10 film pack that is not bad at all – so that’s 30 hours of no cigarettes at a fraction of the price.

Now before you turn a blind eye to this revolutionary product, I will also say the films have 1mg of nicotine in them where as a normal cigarette has 0.9mg so therefore this will last you longer without the need of a nicotine hit. Priced at £4.99 for a 10 film packet from WH Smith and on the company’s website, you are not only curbing that bad habbit, but also making a saving.

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