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Escape to the sun

Is it me or does the British winter just feel like it’s lasting forever? I mean every year it feels like it just will not go away. I do have a solution to that problem – why not just escape to a nice sunny beach. Sounds like a plan. So in that case I have put together a list of both near and far far away destinations. Here we go…



Miles of stunning coastline, the beautiful Arabian Desert, and year-round sunshine make Dubai the destination. While you’re there, be sure to shop ‘til you drop in the world’s largest shopping mall, barter in the some of city’s colourful local markets, and visit the famous man-made Palm Islands. With just about a guarantee that every day will be a sunny day, this is a must-visit-destination for anyone thinking of escaping to the sun. Daily temperatures at the moment (Feb) are at 26 degrees and feeling like 27 and 21 at night but feeling like 25; that for me means one thing – shorts, t-shirt and flip-shops.

If chilling under an umbrella around the hot sun isn’t your thing, then you can pick from a range of things to do like; a 40min seaplane flight over Dubai, a 5hr hot air balloon flight or even hop on a tour bus to checkout sights like the Burj Kahlifa, Jumeirah Beach Park, Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Creek and more. Now you can get to Dubai from anywhere in the world, but for those in the UK, it’s only a 7hr flight with prices starting from around the £300 mark.



A land of contrasts, a fusion of antiquity and modernity. Split into two – Pacific and Caribbean

coast. The latter is

the most popular with the likes of Cancun and Riviera Maya. The pacific coast is fast becoming an attractive alternative destination in this Latin American country – I mean just look at the views. Average temperatures vary however a nice 23+ is a minimum all year round. Things to do vary depending on what sort of a traveller you are; however, outdoors is the name of the game. Personally I am an exploring type of traveller meaning seeing one of the seven wonders of the world (Chichén Itzá) would go down well. There is also seeing whale sharks and going off-road into the jungle. Flights to Mexico are available throughout major airports around the UK with holidays bookings starting from around £677 per person for a week mid to late April.



Very little needs mentioning about this sunny paradise. If you have never been, this is a place you definitely have to consider when booking a sunny holiday. There is absolutely a lot to do around these group of islands, but as you can imagine where there is good old vitamin d, the outdoors is a must. Prices to here vary depending on where you are going to expect to pay no less than £700 per person. Have a look at the images below

which illustrate the Caribbean in a good way.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde

From dazzling white sandy beaches, to tousled jungles and vast volcanic landscapes, the Cape Verde islands are a unique collection of islands found off the coast of Africa. Offering a vibrant blend of cultures, with influences from Portugal, Africa and Brazil, the islands give visitors the chance to experience a holiday with a real difference. Cape Verde’s destinations range from deserted, uninhabited beaches to colourful towns. You can spend your time exploring the diverse landscapes or lazing under the sun on an untouched sandy stretch. The cost of this paradise is from around a thousand per person.

French Riviera

The beautiful region of Provence

and the French Riviera are situated in south eastern France, fringed by the stunning Mediterranean Sea. Provence is considered one of France’s most popular and glamorous holiday destinations. Hundreds of kilometres of idyllic coastline thread through film-star favourites St. Tropez and Cannes. Aside from the glitz and glamour, holidays to Provence promise a wealth of lesser-known gems for visitors seeking a quainter French experience. Little villages along the Riviera are wonderful places to explore that are more Picasso than party.


Fancy rubbing shoulders with a few actors? St. Tropez has been a go-to European holiday spot since the days of Brigitte Bardot. The picturesque waterfront is lined with restaurants, cafés and shops to browse and a couple of good museums to visit. Prices average out in the mid £300, with the summer holidays being the most expensive.

St Tropez

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