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As we come to the end of the first month of a new year, I begin this article with asking how many of us are still on target with our new year’s resolutions. Some of you might not even know where or how to start. If you for example have a special condition that either prevents you from hitting the treadmill then you might be forgiven.

Michael Whitacker and Allen Sikara
Michael Whitacker and Allen Sikara

We came across Unique Fitness Studio over in Derbyshire who to us do a one of a kind service – body transformations and specialist conditions. The Derby based fitness company is made up of duo Allen Sikara and Michael Whitaker, both of whom are at the least level 4 master trainers and have tons of experience under their belt. So we thought we would showcase their unique and extraordinary service.

With the grand opening not too long ago, we went along to take a look at the studio and have a chat with the dynamic duo and from first glance one would think this was just like your ordinary gym down your local high street, but upon close scrutiny we quickly worked out that these guys aren’t just in it for the money but to help the community eat healthy and exercise properly.

With Allen not only is he a level 4 master trainer but a specialist in Diabetes and Nutritional Intervention for obesity. That means not only can he help you build muscle but also helps those who suffer from Cardiovascular-like conditions and need to shred the unnecessary weight for health benefits. He does this via a range of different methods including helping you eat right every meal of the day. Allen ran the Derby half marathon and is planning on taking on the London marathon this year.

Michael on the other hand has worked with a variety of clients from athletes and models to fat loss clients and muscle building. He has appeared in the Derby telegraph for training one of his clients from a size 20 to a size 12 and running the Derby marathon. He too is a level 4 master trainer (which is good for those who might be wondering) and focus on those who suffer from back problems. Both these guys also do GP referrals.

The unique thing about this duo is not only do they help people through the gym, but can do skype calls and work with you through email. That means they can help you wherever you may be. As well as specialist training, UFS also does a range of classes including spinning and yoga, and they also do one to one sessions as well.

I have included with this article a range of photographs and videos from the UFS. If you need a specialist fitness regime sorting then you can find them online or pop in the UFS located in Derby, UK. They have some fantastic classes for you to take part in.

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Michael Sikala

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