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The Hip Hop African Twist

I am African t-shirtIt’s very rare that I label an article ‘The Hip Hop African Twist’. What does that even mean? Well I came across a fashion designer whose fashion brand holds those exact words as gospel – Harare Hustler. Many of our readers might not have heard of this brand, but I can tell you that for those that know of it, it’s definitely turning heads world-wide, celebrities included.

Based in the UK, Harare Hustler was started by a gentleman called Terrie Mahati whose roots lie in Africa. Now in his 40s, he considers himself as a hustler in attitude – hence the name of the brand. His clothing line has now been operating successfully for a few years now but not without a few hurdles along the way. I managed to squeeze a few questions with the designer, and this is what he had to say;

Brief history: I have always been an artistic individual from an early age, my favourite subject in school was Art. Besides the creativity, I also liked dressing up different from the next person and that is why I got into the fashion world. So in the beginning, I started with a brand called Kunta Kinte Clothing which I sometimes still get orders for and do a few exclusive designs as you will see from the images. I then decided to change the brand and Harare Hustler was born in 2008.

Terrie MahatiUniqueness: My designs are unique because of the exclusivity mainly, and I represent my African roots in the brand with a twist of hip hop culture.

Pricing: My t shirts go for only £20 and I make limited quantities of each design to keep the brand exclusive in a way.

Shipping: Apart from the rest of the UK, I also ship to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the rest of Europe.

Contact: Usually anyone who would like to place an order can get me on either whatsapp – +44 7701047535, Facebook page: Harare Hustler shop or email me on, however very soon we will also have a section on FlipTime Shop, so the products will be available to purchase world-wide.

Terrie also went on to say when Harare Hustler debuted in 2008 at the Zimfest London where one of the performing artists had one his brand new Harare Hustler t-shirts on, this started a buying frenzy and thus the label was born. Since then Terrie has further developed the brand and now has distribution networks in various countries around the world. Although the brand has an African niche, it has to be said that Terrie’s designs are so good that we have decided to get a few bits for the office.

So as you will see there are images and links placed all over this article; why not click on any to see what you could discover. We are now in the process of working with Terrie to have some of his Harare Hustler clothing in our FlipTime Shop. Please keep a look out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates. However in the meantime, click here to get a hold of that African swagger with a hip-hop twist.

Words and interview by,

Michael Sikala  (Follow me on twitter – @m_sikala8)

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