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Mercedes Vs Ferrari

With the current Formula 1 season 5 races in, it has to be said that Mercedes will not have it as easy as last year. For those who watch the adrenaline filled sport, you will know and love this duel.

Last season Mercedes were so far ahead, personally I couldn’t see anyone ever coming close to them; however Ferrari’s engineers went and locked themselves in a shed (or a lab), queue the A-Team theme music and came out with a faster car. Either that or Mercedes have just got a little slower – or maybe it has something to do with the drivers…

Well let’s look at some numbers: Last season Mercedes won most of the races with just about relative ease; I mean the gap was so huge. The biggest being in Spain when the gap between 2nd and 3rd was 49 seconds (err 1st and 2nd being Mercedes), but the average was around 17 seconds which is a lot in formula 1. This season however the gap has shrunk to around 3.3 seconds barring Spain which was 45 seconds; and in Malaysia, Mercedes were actually behind in pace and strategy as Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) won with Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) being a distant 8.5 seconds behind.

At the moment – Monaco has seen Mercedes top both practices but only just and guess who is not far behind, yap Ferrari (less than 2 seconds behind in fact). All these numbers make for an interesting 2015 Formula 1 season. Also I wonder what the other teams must be thinking. Surely if Ferrari can come close to Mercedes, then it’s not long for the likes of lotus to start producing cars that will eat away the seconds.

One that has gone on a surprising downward slope this season is McLaren Honda. As much as I like Honda cars, I’m not entirely sure that they have mastered the art of producing a formula 1 engine, and one that can actually come close to its rivals. They can’t even blame the drivers either; but with this year being Honda’s return to F1 and early doors in the new season, there is plenty of time to improve.

Swiftly going back to the subject at hand (Mercedes and Ferrari), anyone ever notice how both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have that swagger or spring in their step every time they hit the circuit, it’s like as if they are toying with their opponent much like a cat does a mouse knowing they’re still the big dogs and the ones to catch; on the other hand, the determination on Sebastian Vettel’s face means that the 2015 Formula 1 season is definitely one to keep up with. One thing for sure is every time the Mercedes drivers look on their side mirrors, a shiny red car isn’t far behind.

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Words by,

Michael Sikala

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