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Review: Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds

A constant annoyance for running and listening to music is wiring. Headphones wires can be irritating; they get in the way, fall out of your ears and dangle all over the place. This has led to runners strapping phones and music devices to their arms, running wires under their shirts and almost anything that you can think of to get the pesky cords out the way. It’s a problem that’s existed since the first person – whoever they were – decided to take their personal Walkman out on their jog.

The JAM Transit Micro Sports Buds are an in-ear set of Bluetooth headphones that have been developed especially for those who exercise. And there’s no wires to get tangled up in.

They’re one of three types of wireless earbuds produced by JAM Audio and are available in either pink, green or blue. The headphones come packed in a handy and surprisingly robust sports bottle, which is a neat and useful touch.

One of their key appeals, other than their wireless capability, is their size. Other than the earbuds, a couple of magnets to shut them off and two small modules where the Bluetooth and battery are crammed in, there’s nothing more than the wire that runs between your ears. They’re minimalistic but effective – which is exactly what you want when hitting those streets. A simple touch is the headphone’s reflective cord that’s intended to provide an extra safety element for those running at night.

The Jam earbud headphones are comfortable to wear and fit into the ear well. One of my biggest gripes with in-ear headphones is that they don’t come with enough, if any, different tip sizes. The micro sports buds came with more than enough tips to find the correct size for any size ears. The accompanying over-ear hooks mean that the headphones are held in place when out in the street, and the Bluetooth connection is reliable: I tried having a mobile phone in a bag on my back and the connection stayed strong for a 60 minute commute.

In fact, there’s very little movement of the headphones when they’re being used for running, and the sound quality is clear.

Well-fitting earbuds are always more noise cancelling than traditional headphones and these ones from JAM are no different. When passing through London’s streets the only thing that could be heard over the music was the sound of the siren of a passing emergency vehicle.

The company claims the battery life lasts for up to 10 hours, which is impressive for a pair of headphones that has everything packed around the earbuds. The reality stands up to the claim as well; I was able to get a solid 8 hours of music playback from them.

For me there’s been one problem with the headphones, and it is a pretty frustrating one. When they’re turned on a small blue LED, just below the right earbud, flashes. It’s quite a low-powered flash. On more than one occasion it was too easy to forget to turn them off after running and then come back a day later to find the headphones dead. It’s

a small gripe but one that proves to be annoying. It would also be nice to have the option of going back to a wired connection with an aux-in port for when this happens, or when the headphones want to be used in a situation where there’s no Bluetooth connectivity possible.

Despite this, these headphones are really good and useful for those exercising. They also provide good quality audio, comfort and a reliable connection. The addition of the water bottle is really cool and reiterates to the consumer what these were really made for. At less than £50, they are definitely a reasonable buy.

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Michael Sikala

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