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Start your week off with a solid workout

We all know that when it comes to Mondays, it’s always difficult to get motivated especially when you combine working out, cold weather and dark mornings. Well sometimes a good solid workout will get your week off to a flyer; so get your workout gear on and lets’ get going.

Ready? Ok here we go…

100 Squats
100 Press Ups

80 Squats
80 Press Ups

60 Squats
60 Press Ups… Etc.

Continue on till you get to 10 Squats and 10 Press Ups.

Rest 2mins between each set of exercises and when you start to get tired on the press ups drop to your knees and continue. On the squat it’s not a race, so find a pace you’re comfortable with and just squat. Try to keep the pace challenging though.

As always, if you attempt this workout please let us know how you got on. Enjoy!!!

Weekly workout supplied by,

Allen Sikara


Head Personal Trainer, The Derby Fitness Company

(find us on twitter – @tfcderby)

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  1. The way your week goes is determined with how it starts…

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