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Top Winter Sun Holidays 2015

Well I’m not too sure about you, but I’ve just about had enough of this cold stuff that’s embracing us every day at the moment. If you’re like me and looking to escape the British winter; I have put together a list that will hopefully get you booking ASAP. So less chatting and here we go…

Canary Islands.


This one has to be the most popular at this time of year among Brits trying to escape the cold for a fraction of the price that it would cost in the summer. The Canaries are a Spanish archipelago located just off the coast of mainland Morocco meaning sunshine is plenty. The islands consist of popular destinations like Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Prices for a break here are currently at around £150 per-person (all inclusive) for the week, which is fantastic meaning you get to soak some much needed vitamin D for cheap.

Red Sea Riviera.


I remember when the Red Sea first became popular; no one was sure whether or not to go, but now it’s a holiday hotspot. Going here is a definite certainty that you will be soaking up some good sunshine as temperatures at the moment are currently at the 20 to 25 degree range, which is perfect. The good news is there’s lots to do from the simple lounging about by the pool with that drink in hand to going shopping in the local town. Destinations consist of places like Sharm-El-Sheik, Hurghada, El Gouna and Makadi Bay. The price tag for an all-inclusive break starts from about £320 per person depending on where you go and who you book with.

Long Haul.

Now; if you have slightly deeper pockets, this option might be worth looking at. If you think of it, not as many people would be travelling at this time of year so spare seats on flights and cheap prices will be plenty. For long haul, I have selected four destinations you might want to consider – Cuba, Cape Town, Dominican Republic and Australia. Cuba with its unique old-school charms and in-expensive hotels; Cape Town for it’s warm temp temperatures and stunning views on and off Table Mountain, Dominican Republic for rich history and astonishing beaches and need I explain Australia??? Prices for long haul holidays vary depending on who you book with and where you want to travel to, however if you have a look at the holiday booker on the right side to give you an idea on costs.

Somewhere different.


Cape VerdeWhen it comes to picking a holiday destination, why not consider somewhere different. A place you wouldn’t normally go to. My list on this section is short and is as follows – Cape Verde and Goa. When was the last time you went to Cape Verde? Do you know where it is? This would be perfect time to explore unseen territories that are guaranteed to give you that much needed R&R and vitamin D (along with food and drink of course). If you fancy a lazy and relaxed break, you could also checkout Goa in India – there’s everything lazy happening here; hammocks, lazy walks on the beach and the occasional cocktail here and there. Prices to both destinations start from around £390 per person bed and breakfast and flights are available across the UK.

Well that’s it; if I keep typing any more I won’t have chance to get mine booked. Hope the destinations above have given you an open mind as to where to go.

Words by,

Michael Sikala (follow me on Twitter)

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