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WORLD PREMIERE: **NEW** 2017 Audi A5 Coupe.

Today Audi launched the 2017 A5 Coupe, a mid-sized car first launched in 2007. The German based car maker created what they call a work of art and we were lucky enough to visit the Ingolstadt base to be among the first to have a sneak peak. On first impressions I have to say Audi have taken the same concept that you find in the A4, TT, R8 and Q7, but upon close scrutiny, these guys have actually outdone themselves – yet again.

Firstly as we go from front to back – you will see from these exclusive pictures – the grille is that hexagonal shape we know from current 2016 models. The difference with this one is it is slightly lower to give it that sporty but elegant look. The sculpted single-frame grille is significantly wider but flatter than the previous model. It also helps with aerodynamics. Staying on aerodynamics, the new A5 has had a new bumper made ago along with its new multi-material construction. This is a combination of aluminium and metal for both body and chassis making it 60kg lighter from its predecessor and thus making it the lightest in its class. The reduction in weight makes it more efficient than the outgoing A5. With a drag coefficient of 0.25, the A5 Coupe is also the segment leader in aerodynamics.

Keeping on the outside, Audi have kept some of the body features from the previous model like the wave-shaped shoulder line. The precisely sweeping line with pronounced bulges over the wheel arches emphasises all four wheels. On the side skirts, you now get a lip which not only makes the car look sporty, but helps to keep flying stones (from the road) at bay keeping your new paint somewhat safe.

The new Audi A5 Coupe will launch in the UK with five engines: two TFSI and three TDI units. The power is increased and is now between 190PS and 268PS. That’s 17% more performance while consuming 22% less fuel (some good numbers here). With its newly developed 3.0 TFSI, the A5 Coupe is now in a league all on its own. The turbo V6 will be a highly efficient yet offering sports car performance. This newly developed turbocharged V6 engine produces 354PS and can go 0 – 60mph in 4.7sec. These really are some good numbers.

The most impressive thing so far about this new car is the multi-material, in particular the chassis. Audi say it offers the driver optimal comfort combined with a high degree of agility. After driving the outgoing A5, I can believe all those words as that is a comfortable but sporty car. When you purchase this car, you can also get suspension with damper control as an option on top of all that good stuff. This is integrated into the dynamic handling system (Audi Drive Select) which the driver can control while driving.

Inside the cabin, it feels roomy as a result of the new longer wheel base. Audi say the space for the driver and passengers is more generous, although while at Audi today, I tried to get all 6ft 2 of me in the rear while another was in the driver’s seat and it was a little cramped meaning four 6 foot plus people might find it viagra femme prix discount cosy if on a long trip. And yes I did say four seats because the A5 Coupe only accommodates for four people, although Audi did say that the new A5 Coupe is a drivers’ car – which is kind of true. In the cabin you also get the usual new gadgets from the current 2016 models like virtual cockpit, wireless charging and built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Audi have however refined some of these things for example, you will be able to get the new A5 with the optional virtual cockpit and a 12.3inch TFT display that will show you 1,440 x 540 pixels.

Staying with tech, if you get the Audi connect, a separate sim-card is permanently installed in the car with a flat rate data plan. This is so that the car can connect to the internet for various service which you might need. The sim card with also be used to do other functions like automatic emergency call in the event of an accident, online road assistance and Audi service request.

Moving onto the rear, the luggage compartment offers 465 litres, which is 10 more than the previous model. The new A5 Coupe also comes with a new rear brake light that sits at the top of the rear wind and runs all the way across. This is quite impressive seeing it on this new car, it goes in-line with the flow of new things added to this new A5 Coupe.

So from what I have seen, Audi really have squeezed and gone for jugular with the new A5 Coupe. Audi have done some pretty impressive stuff here and continue to amaze. This car will be available in the UK and beyond from November 2016 (which we cannot wait) and we are still waiting for pricing. Keep a lookout for a road test which will be coming soon.

Words by,

Michael Sikala

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