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Your holiday Essentials

Going away soon? Well we teamed up with a few brands to bring you nothing but the best holiday essentials – things that you might bypass when planning and packing for your vacation. It might be your very first holiday or your tenth, have a quick look at the list below which we hope will get your baggage allowance down at the airport or just simply confirm that you have been doing it right all along.


Flip flops

If you’re going somewhere hot, nothing beats a good pair of some old fashioned flip-flops or sandals to walk around in. I found some on Ipanema which are what I think both reasonably price and not too standout. There is nothing worse than you go abroad with a pair of expensive standout items only to have them stolen – I would be wounded inside. Ipanema also do a men’s range as well so fellas they got you covered as well.

Passport travel pouch

Passport wallet

These are the most under-appreciated travel essential that people never look at when traveling. Tell the truth, how many of you have their passports in your pocket or back-pack? The hardest thing anyone will face is losing your passport or money while on holiday or traveling to your destination. So why not keep it safe. The best ones I found are the ones that go over your shoulder and you can keep it under your t-shirt or shirt. Have a quick look at the link for your passport and money pouches. You never know, these could be a stress saver.



Widely used. You will never go through an airport without spotting about 90% (if not more) people having one of these on their back. Not only can you use these during transit, but if you have days out planned at your holiday destination, what better item to use to store your day out essentials. Now before you go off and get the first one you can get, take a look at the link here. They specialise in a range of backpacks for any occasion and not to mention there is a sale on.



Never forget to pack enough shorts. The number of people I know who pack a couple of pairs when going on a two week break in the sun and then having to wear the same shorts over and over. It is amazing how many days you will find yourself wearing them. Good news is you can get shorts almost any clothing shop. Have a look at the link here for a good selection range.



I really don’t think that this bit needs elaborating. Get a set to stop the direct sunlight getting to your eyes. Also it is a little fashionable nowadays. Many are available online or at some market place near home or wherever you might be going. Again have a click on here for a quick look.

Now, regardless of what I have on this list it’s really up to you to make sure you pack the correct stuff to make sure that your holiday is as good as it can be. One thing I will say not to forget is suncream. This is probably the most important item in your suitcase. We have a link for that as well. Have a good holiday.

Words by,

Michael Sikala

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